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Specializing in experience and moment focused couples who prioritize celebrating with their multigenerational family and close friends on one of the most special days of their lives. Victoria is a your local Carmel Wedding Photographer, with an eye for capturing the beauty and emotion of your special day. From creating a perfect time line, capturing all of the little details, to guiding you through natural poses and capturing candid moments of your celebration. She will create elegant and timeless photographs that become tangible memories.

Featured Signature Imagery on Film

Groom, The Club at Pasadera, Film Photograph, Monterey
Bride, The Club at Pasadera, Film Photograph, Monterey
Bridal Details, The Club at Pasadera, Film Photograph, Monterey
Bridal getting ready, The Club at Pasadera, Film Photograph, Monterey
Groom's Details, The Club at Pasadera, Film Photograph, Monterey
Groom's Portrait, The Club at Pasadera, Film Photograph, Monterey

As a Carmel Wedding Photographer I strive to capture your special moments in a way that is both organic and artistic. With a documentary approach, I am dedicated to telling your unique story through effortlessly captured genuine moments.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of love and commitment through my wedding portfolio. Each photograph within this collection tells a unique and heartfelt story, capturing the essence of unforgettable details and moments shared between two souls embarking on a lifelong journey together. From the radiant glow of the bride as she walks down the aisle to the tender exchange of vows. My portfolio is a visual celebration of love in all its forms. The skillful composition and artful use of light in each image create a timeless and elegant atmosphere, ensuring that every detail, from the delicate floral arrangements to the joyful tears, is preserved with the utmost care.

Beautiful table setting, The Santa Lucia Preserve
Bride, Monterey, California
Wedding Rings, Beautiful Stationary
Bride and Groom, Woodside, California, Wedding
Villa del Sol d’Oro, Wedding, California, Bride, Film Photograph
The Santa Lucia Preserve, Bride and Groom
Wedding reception toast, Monterey, The Club at Pasadera
Beautiful Wedding Cake, The Perry House, Monterey
Bridal Heels, Kate Spade
Bridal Jewelry, Bernardus Hotel & Spa Wedding
Wedding reception fun, dancing, The Club at Pasadera, Monterey, California
Bella Belle Bridal Heels
Beautiful Stationary, Monterey
Bride and Groom, Salinas CA
Villa Montalvo, Bride, Saratoga
The Club at Pasadera
Bride Getting Ready
Bride and Groom, The Club at Pasadera
Bride and Groom, Mira Vista Estate, Paso Robles
De Tierra Vineyards, Monterey, Wedding


Hemingway Ballroom | Paso Robles Wedding
Bride and Groom, Hemingway Ballroom, Paso Robles

Sara & Richard

"When we recieved our photos I immediately began to tear up. I was taken back to that day! These are the kinds of photos Victoria captures. Lifetime memories! Every photo is classic, timeless and delicate. Delicate with details, delicate with lighting, delicate in the sense that when you're looking at the photo you actually pause to look at the picture and take it all in. Every photo is beautiful! Great experience. Thank you Victoria!"